Gee Atherton’s Slate Line

We’ve always said Gee Atherton is on another level… but his latest project ‘Slate Line’ really proves the point. Insanely steep, loose and technical, Gee’s video just goes to show the level mountain biking has reached.

The Athertons have a long history of tearing it up on Welsh slate. Way back in the Earthed video days, we saw Gee and Dan jumping some absolutely ridiculous gaps in their backyard quarry in Llangynog.

Skip forward a few years and the Athys had taken ownership of the same quarry and Dan built what was probably the most ludicrous set of jumps anyone had ever seen.

Roll forward to 2021 and Gee is back on the slate, this timing slipping and sliding at top speed rather than sending big air. Gnarlier than anything we’ve seen before, Gee’s new line is incredible. Full commitment, high risk, technically through the roof. Fair play George, you’re another level!

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