Introducing the Rockguardz PG999

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, your attention please. Introducing the all-new, Rockguardz PG999 rear mudguard.

The PG999 is designed to keep you clean and comfortable through the worst of the winter. It’s a two-piece, convertible rear mountain bike mudguard that’s both a low-profile mini-guard and full-coverage rear fender.

Supplied in two pieces, the heart of the Rockguardz PG999 is the Small Section. This piece stays on your frame, acting as a low-key guard that keeps mud and debris away from your rear shock. It’s quick and easy to fit using tough and lightweight hook-and-loop straps and has almost infinite compatibility

When the weather turns properly wet and wild, reach for the Rear Section. This piece is an optional, bolt-on full coverage rear fender that deflects spray back onto the trail and away from your kit. It’s perfect to keep you riding in comfort for longer, ideal for very wet and splashy trails and the answer to those “I’d love to come for a pint but I’m too filthy” night rides!

The PG999 is available now in Rockguardz dealers or direct from our website. The complete PG999 system is available as a single kit and individual sections are also available separately.

Pro tip: Why not buy one complete kit and then a Small Section for each of your bikes, making it quick and easy to transfer between bikes?