PG450 Limited Edition World Champs Artwork (Union Jack)

Full Coverage Plastic Mudguard

26″/27.5″/29″. 450mm length. Weighs 80g.

Measuring 450mm and weighing just 80g, the Rockguardz PG450 mountain bike mudguard is compact and feather-light, offering plenty of coverage for minimum weight.

The PG450 is our mid-sized plastic front guard and a perfect all-rounder for all but the most brutal of conditions. It’s made from tough yet flexible Polypropylene to stand up to all of the abuse you can throw at it and offered with various rock-solid fitting options.

Fits almost any fork on the market including Fox 32, 34, 36 and 40, Rockshox Boxxer, Pike, Revalation and many more.

Will fit any fork with a forward-facing brace.

Comes with our crash replacement guarantee.





Rockguardz PG-series mountain bike mudguards are designed in Shropshire, UK and inspired by a lifetime of wet-and-wild British winters.

Our PG-series guards are manufactured using lightweight, tough and super flexible Polypropylene with various quick and easy fitting options. Whilst heavier and a little less beautiful than our carbon guards, the PG-series offers a tough and great value guard that should last a lifetime.

Developed with the feedback of our elite athletes and proven at World Cup and Enduro World Series races, our mudguards are guaranteed to keep your vision clear so you can focus 100% on the finish line.

Their wrap-around design maintains excellent clearance in all conditions, deflecting mud and grime away from your goggles and back down onto the trail. Our tried-and-trusted design doesn’t just protect your vision, it also keeps dust and debris away from your fork seals and guarantees your suspension will work better for longer.

Our plastic guards fit all wheel sizes and all tyre widths up to around 2.6″, depending on equipment.

Like all of our products, our mudguards are covered by our crash replacement guarantee.


  • Great bit of kit that definitely has saved my bike getting damaged and an excellent fit too . Could probably do with a drain hole as water collects inside.


    Bronson Alloy V3

  • Easy to fit and its snug when it is on. Looks really good.



  • I bought a Rockguardz bash guard for my 2021 Cube with Bosch CX motor and am quite satisfied. Ordering was fairly straightforward even though I purchased from Canada and needed to be very certain I got the right product - I did. It took 3-4 weeks in total but that was okay considering international shipping. The guard fit well but is only secured by its close fit and a velcro strap. I was leery that it would hold given the very rough terrain I ride (many logs, roots, rocks) to cross. It has held most of the time but it did slide down at one point with a 1cm gap of air between the new guard and the bike’s original plastic motor guard. It’s only happened once right after I installed it so maybe it was a break-in thing and holds better once the Rockguardz’s been in place longer. I actually installed another thick truck tire inner tube band over top of the Rockguardz strap and knotted to hold it secure. Not sure it is needed but better safe than sorry. I would recommend this product and am very pleased Rockguardz provides this product because the plastic motor guard supplied by Bosch is garbage and a laughing stock they should be embarrassed about. I’ve broken many but hopefully no more now Rockguardz seems to have come to the rescue.

    Ray Billings

    Cube Stereo Hybrid 140/160 2020/22 (625 watt)


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