Bucci BR10 BR12 Seat and Tank Unit Fairing

Seat and Tank Unit Fairing

Seat and Tank Unit to fit Bucci BR12 or BR10 Mini GP Bikes
Seat and Tank Unit to fit Bucci BR12 or BR10 Mini GP Bikes Choice of Full Glossy Carbon Finish or Gel Coated Fibreglass Construction Hand Layed in Shropshire


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Don’t see the right year for your bike?

With so many bikes out there, it’s possible we don’t have one for your particular make and model. 

But don’t worry, we’d love to work with you to add your bike to our collection. 

If your bike is one that we’d like to make a guard for, we’ll say ‘thanks’ by giving you a guard for free


Seat And Tank Unit Fairing hand made in lightweight Composites

Optional either Full Carbon Fibre Construction, Made in Wet layed 200g Twill carbon Matting, Reinforced where necessary at all Mountings and Edges, super lightweight. Finished in a Gloss Hard wearing polished Gelcoat.


Choose a Coloured Gel Coat finish and fibreglass construction (like OEM Bucci bodywork) The Gel Coat can be chosen from many colours, Gloss Black, Radiant Red, Sunburst Yellow, Racing Green Etc.

Note – Seat Foam Pad Available Separately


  • I bought a Rockguardz bash guard for my 2021 Cube with Bosch CX motor and am quite satisfied. Ordering was fairly straightforward even though I purchased from Canada and needed to be very certain I got the right product - I did. It took 3-4 weeks in total but that was okay considering international shipping. The guard fit well but is only secured by its close fit and a velcro strap. I was leery that it would hold given the very rough terrain I ride (many logs, roots, rocks) to cross. It has held most of the time but it did slide down at one point with a 1cm gap of air between the new guard and the bike’s original plastic motor guard. It’s only happened once right after I installed it so maybe it was a break-in thing and holds better once the Rockguardz’s been in place longer. I actually installed another thick truck tire inner tube band over top of the Rockguardz strap and knotted to hold it secure. Not sure it is needed but better safe than sorry. I would recommend this product and am very pleased Rockguardz provides this product because the plastic motor guard supplied by Bosch is garbage and a laughing stock they should be embarrassed about. I’ve broken many but hopefully no more now Rockguardz seems to have come to the rescue.

    Ray Billings

    Cube Stereo Hybrid 140/160 2020/22 (625 watt)

  • Fit and finish excellent! Easy to put on, a good product It will take a few big hits I’m quite aggressive more stunt trails so I bought two guards Still riding on first guard with a few chips in it but 95% still there with 680 km of downhill grinding.

    The Bear

    Norco Range/Sight VLT 2019/20

  • Good build quality. Nice snug fit to frame. Very happy with it.

    Graeme Woollett

    Trance E+ Pro


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