Custom carbon rockguard

Custom carbon mountain bike frame protection for your MEGATOWER 2019-21 downtube and bottom bracket.

Handmade from high-quality carbon fibre, a Rockguardz Rockguard frame protector attaches neatly to your downtube to ward off damage from rocks and roots, shady uplifts, badly packed vans, crashes and carnage.

Every Rockguard is handcrafted and custom made to exactly fit your frame. It’s super light, tough as nails, effortlessly stylish and the perfect fit for your mountain bike.


15% off any Mudguardz when you buy a Rockguardz

15% off any second item when you buy a Rockguardz

Don’t see the right year for your bike?

With so many bikes out there, it’s possible we don’t have one for your particular make and model. 

But don’t worry, we’d love to work with you to add your bike to our collection. 

If your bike is one that we’d like to make a guard for, we’ll say ‘thanks’ by giving you a guard for free


Super light, strong and durable, Rockguardz frame protectors wrap around your downtube and stand guard against damage where you need it the most. Low profile but super-strong, they’ll soak up impacts and keep your pride and joy safe, without doing anything to ruin the clean lines of your ride.

Rockguardz frame protectors are painstakingly made and handcrafted with multiple layers of carbon and a combo of diolen and twill fabrics for a perfect blend of stiffness, flexibility and style. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here and every guard is precision made to be the perfect fit for your make, model, year and size without the need for zip ties or sticky stuff.

If things ever do go wrong and you damage your guard, we’ll offer a discounted replacement under our crash replacement guarantee.


11 reviews for MEGATOWER 2019-21

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Fits perfect and looks amazing!

  2. Phil Brown (verified owner)

    The quality of these products is excellent – fit, look and finish.
    The Rockguardz fits my bike like a glove – really impressive. Its coverage is perfect to protect the frame from rock strikes, etc, and it looks like it’s part of the bike rather than a clumsy add-on. Similarly, the mudguard is better than any of the inferior products I’ve bought (and broken!) to date.
    Hats off to Ian and the team.

  3. Florian K. (verified owner)

    There is nothing more to say than Rockguardz rocks.
    My custom guard for my xxl megatower is perfect.
    During the manufacturing rockguardz sent me emails with the current status and photos.
    really enjoyed the whole process.

    thanks alot

  4. Siesa (verified owner)

    It fits perfect on bike and makes the job really good. Well done!

  5. Nils Kunzmann (verified owner)

    Fits perfect and looks amazing

  6. Matthew Coates (verified owner)

    My second Rockguardz. My first one was on my Bronson for 3 years and kept the frame in perfect condition. I have just fitted another one to my 2021 Megatower. It looks really good and already saved me from a rock strike at the weekend!

  7. Anthony (verified owner)

    Quick delivery perfect fit , top quality. It looks great

  8. Al Bennett (verified owner)

    Really quick turnaround for a custom product. Fits perfect. Great job!

  9. Sascha (verified owner)

    Fits perfect and looks great.

  10. Jess (verified owner)

    The piece is exceptionally well made. Fits perfectly, looks great and, offers much more coverage. The Royal Mail however, is another story. I waited a month after pickup for delivery.

  11. Timm (verified owner)

    I’d be happy to leave a review! The Rock Guardz fits perfectly on my Santa Cruze Megatower! In terms of quality, it makes a very good impression! And visually on the bike too! I can recommend Rock Guardz! Greetings Timm from Germany

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