Yeti SB130 / SB140 / SB150 / SB165 2019-22

Custom carbon rockguard

Custom carbon mountain bike frame protection for your Yeti SB130 / SB140 / SB150 / SB165 2019-22 downtube and bottom bracket.

Handmade from high-quality carbon fibre, a Rockguardz Rockguard frame protector attaches neatly to your downtube to ward off damage from rocks and roots, shady uplifts, badly packed vans, crashes and carnage.

Every Rockguard is handcrafted and custom made to exactly fit your frame. It’s super light, tough as nails, effortlessly stylish and the perfect fit for your mountain bike.


15% off any Mudguardz when you buy a Rockguardz

15% off any second item when you buy a Rockguardz

Don’t see the right year for your bike?

With so many bikes out there, it’s possible we don’t have one for your particular make and model. 

But don’t worry, we’d love to work with you to add your bike to our collection. 

If your bike is one that we’d like to make a guard for, we’ll say ‘thanks’ by giving you a guard for free


Super light, strong and durable, Rockguardz frame protectors wrap around your downtube and stand guard against damage where you need it the most. Low profile but super-strong, they’ll soak up impacts and keep your pride and joy safe, without doing anything to ruin the clean lines of your ride.

Rockguardz frame protectors are painstakingly made and handcrafted with multiple layers of carbon and a combo of diolen and twill fabrics for a perfect blend of stiffness, flexibility and style. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here and every guard is precision made to be the perfect fit for your make, model, year and size without the need for zip ties or sticky stuff.

If things ever do go wrong and you damage your guard, we’ll offer a discounted replacement under our crash replacement guarantee.


17 reviews for Yeti SB130 / SB140 / SB150 / SB165 2019-22

  1. Gnajy (verified owner)

    Awesome protection/coverage. Put the Rockguardz on the SB150, SB165, ARC and waiting for the last one to arrive for the SB140

  2. JAMES LEONARD (verified owner)

    I just installed it yesterday. Easily snapped in place and appears to be secure. I hope to put it to the test this evening. Thanks!

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    3rd outing out and have had a huge rock smash into my yeti sb150 downtube – even other riders winced at the sound – the guard is toast now but the frame is fine with only a paint chip! Totally worth it going to buy another! – guard is still in one piece but strength wise it’s shot…

  4. Matan (verified owner)

    High quality carbon DT protector.

  5. Fabio Zambrotti (verified owner)

    Product arrived in perfect condition and successfully installed perfect fit and after several rides remains firmly in place. Wonderful customer service. I recommend this product to everyone

  6. daniel dutrisac (verified owner)

    Great product, great fit on my Yeti SB130. First order was lost but everything was perfect the second time around.

  7. Mark

    Fits and looks exactly as described. Waiting to put it to the test.

  8. Paul Hortelano (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I like the hassle free installation and the sturdiness of the material.

  9. Andrew Roberts (verified owner)

    Easy to install and offers great style and better protection! 10/10 would buy again.

  10. Phil Aragon (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, looks great, Easy to install.

  11. Jumali Anwar (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Its so easy to install and fits perfectly.

  12. James Breaux (verified owner)

    Thanks for some peace of mind…since seeing someone in the parking lot at Eureka Springs with a crushed downtube from casing a jump, I have been looking for some enhanced protection for my sb165. I could not be more satisfied, excellent design, lightweight, and tough.

  13. Romnick (verified owner)

    Happy to have it installed at my SB 130 before i hit the trails. It does exactly what it supposed to.

  14. Paolo (verified owner)

    I bought this protector for my Yeti Sb150 on the recommendation of a friend.
    Rockguardz were prompt in shipping. The protection is perfect and fits very well to the bike frame. Assembly is made easy thanks to the manufacturer’s clear instructions.

  15. Tore Joramo (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove.

  16. Max Molello (verified owner)

    I’ve been running one for 3 years and it’s taken some serious hits. I finally kicked a rock up just right and rode into it, cracked the guard almost in half, but the frame looks good as new! Worth every penny of it and a replacement.

  17. Mark Pike (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish.

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