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  • Dopo averlo montato sulla mia SB 150, sono riuscito a provarlo una sola volta., perciò la recensione non può essere definitiva, ovviamente va provato per più volte. L'unica cosa negativa che ho riscontrato, è il fatto, che per montarlo bisogna togliere la protezione Yeti, con cui viene venduto il telaio, secondo me questo è una pecca, perché poteva essere progettato in maniera che ci stesse anche con la protezione Yeti sotto. Infatti lasciando la protezione Yeti, il Rockguardz non si adatta bene bene. Comunque come prima impressione è abbastanza positiva, anche se per tutto il giro, guardavo se era ancora al suo posto, avevo il timore di perderlo per i sentieri. Completato il giro, posso dire che non si è mosso dalla sua posizione. Per dare un giudizio è ancora troppo presto, con il tempo, sicuramente aggiornerò la recensione.


    Yeti SB130 / SB140 / SB150 / SB165 2019-22

  • I bought a Rockguardz bash guard for my 2021 Cube with Bosch CX motor and am quite satisfied. Ordering was fairly straightforward even though I purchased from Canada and needed to be very certain I got the right product - I did. It took 3-4 weeks in total but that was okay considering international shipping. The guard fit well but is only secured by its close fit and a velcro strap. I was leery that it would hold given the very rough terrain I ride (many logs, roots, rocks) to cross. It has held most of the time but it did slide down at one point with a 1cm gap of air between the new guard and the bike’s original plastic motor guard. It’s only happened once right after I installed it so maybe it was a break-in thing and holds better once the Rockguardz’s been in place longer. I actually installed another thick truck tire inner tube band over top of the Rockguardz strap and knotted to hold it secure. Not sure it is needed but better safe than sorry. I would recommend this product and am very pleased Rockguardz provides this product because the plastic motor guard supplied by Bosch is garbage and a laughing stock they should be embarrassed about. I’ve broken many but hopefully no more now Rockguardz seems to have come to the rescue.

    Ray Billings

    Cube Stereo Hybrid 140/160 2020/22 (625 watt)

  • Excellent protection already stopped a few dings which would make me cry if my pride and joy got imperfections, coupled with the mudguards feel these are must have in regards to protecting your bike! Excellent value and amazing quality. Order was turned around within a week and for a hand made tailored bit of carbon you can’t argue with the price! Recommend to all my friends!


    Trek Rail E-Bike 2020/22 up to 9.7 2022 625watt